Should I use a local realtor?

 When you’re choosing a sales representative to work with on the purchase or sale of your home or cottage, one thing you’ll need to consider is whether to choose someone who is based in the Haliburton Highlands or outside of the community. An Ontario real estate license allows a sales person to trade in real estate anywhere in the province.  However, there are some compelling reasons for using a local REALTOR® who is a member of the local real estate board when you are buying or selling property in Haliburton County.

A cottage is a large investment and you will want to ensure that your representative is knowledgeable about the key things you are looking for in a property.    Are you planning on buying a boat and waterskiing all summer long at your new cottage?  Or are you an angler, planning on rising at dawn to boat out to a great fishing hole?  Or do you prefer the peaceful solitude of a motor restricted lake?  Everyone can have different key features that are important to them when selecting a recreational property, so don’t you think its important for your realtor to be able to tell you which properties on which lakes suit your needs??  Consider this scenario:  An out of town buyer decides to use his city agent in searching for a family cottage.  In early winter they find a great property and submit an offer.  The SOLD sign goes up and within a couple of months the deal closes.  This new cottage owner calls a local store to make plans to purchase a dock, perfect for his boat and for the teenagers to dive off.  The family is excited to come up to the cottage in the spring and make the preparations for a fantastic summer.  And then the discovery is made …. The beautiful bay that their new cottage property is situated on is only half a metre deep.  This means no boat docked to the shore and certainly no diving off the end 🙁   A heart wrenching moment.

In addition to having extensive knowledge of the area and a unique insight into local property values, a local realtor has expertise on current issues and trends present in Cottage Country. A local realtor will be knowledgeable about rural issues such as septic systems and water testing and be able to guide you through the process of buying or selling a property with these things in mind.  They attend the local property tours, know the listing stock and know their way around the area, which saves time when looking for a hard-to-find listing and when organizing a showing tour of properties for you to see.

An agent who lives and works in the local area knows the inspectors and appraisers, and can be on hand for inspections. They are involved in their community and can put you in touch with service people you may have need of, such as lawyers, contractors, cleaners, financial sources and others. If a buyer/seller is from out of town, they can recommend places to eat which are tried and true, good hotel/motel accommodations, and sight-seeing attractions after the home touring part of their trip is over.

So why use a local realtor? If you have your home listed and a potential buyer calls your realtor to schedule an appointment but they are only in town for one day, would you not prefer a realtor who is close by and can accommodate that showing? I’m sure you would.

If you have a buyer interested in your property and they are new to the area, don’t you want a realtor who lives in your area who can tell them all the great things about the area and the great things yet to come? I’m sure you would.

Why would you want a realtor who cannot be at your listing at a moment’s notice to show it and who knows nothing about the area?

Ridiculously enough there have been instances of out of town realtors calling to ask about the value on a cottage they are listing for a relative. Do you really want your realtor who is representing YOUR investment to have to ask another realtor for value? Doesn’t make much sense to me either.

When you hire a local realtor you are obtaining knowledge about the area, knowledge about your market and knowledge about how to buy or sell a property in the Haliburton Highlands. When you hire a local realtor you are also hiring convenience. They will be available to refill those brochure boxes for you the very day you run low, not days later. They will be able to show your home on a moment’s notice.

When you are ready to buy or sell in Haliburton County, you can be confident that you will have the sound and secure advice that comes from using a local REALTOR® who knows the community.

It’s in your best interest to use a sales person who knows the local real estate market and no one knows local real estate better than a local REALTOR®!