Selling your home tip #3: Furniture Placement and Lighting

Proper furniture placement will display the room to its full potential.  Keep in mind the traffic flow and how the buyers will walk through each room.  Lighting is also a key factor when it comes to preparing your home for sale.  Make sure to have all lights on for pictures and showings.  When your furniture and lighting are properly placed, you will be able to show off the prime features and allow buyers to see the specific function of each room.

Things to think about:

  • How much furniture is in each room?
  • How is your furniture placed?
  • What size is your furniture?
  • What condition is your furniture in?
  • Do you need to rent or purchase new furniture?
  • How much lighting do you have in each room?
  • What condition are your permanent light fixtures in?

If you have too much furniture, select your best pieces.  When selling a home, no room should be empty.  House hunters see an unfurnished room as a problem and questions are raised.  Did the seller run out of money?  Is there a leak in this room?  Is this space too hot (or cold) to use?  If possible, put some larger pieces of furniture in the empty room.  Adding an area rug, shelving or artwork will help as well.

Make sure that people viewing your home can walk effortlessly through all your rooms.  The walkway should be obvious and should look wide and unencumbered.


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