Salerno Lake

6390147229_a5250924a3_bSalerno is a long, boomerang shaped lake, just south of Irondale.  The main access point to the lake is found at the Salerno Lake Dam, however there are other access roads south of Hwy 503 as well.  It is approximately a 2 and a half hour drive from Toronto.

White Lake empties into Salerno Lake, which then empties into the Irondale River.

Kinmount and Gooderham are the closest towns to Salerno Lake, with Haliburton and Minden both being a reasonable 25-35 minute drive.

Lake Definition:

Elevation:  292m (974 ft)
Surface Area:  14 ha (35 acres)
Mean Depth:  6 m (20 ft)
Max Depth:  13.2 m (44 ft)
Perimeter:  13 km (8 miles)
Latitude:  44° 51’ 00”
Longitude:  78° 29’ 00”


You can expect to find mainly smallmouth and largemouth bass in Salerno Lake, although local anglers report a fair amount of success fishing for walley and muskie as well.

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