Kushog Lake

Kushog-Lake-MapKushog is a fairly large lake and is moderately deep, having an average depth of 30 ft.  In 1860 it was cal Kakwakshebernahgog, which is Ojibway meaning long and narrow.  The following year, however, it appeared on maps as Kushog.

Kushog is divided into two different bodies of water, the northern arm and the southern arm.  The northern arm is deeper with a maximum depth of over 100ft whereas the southern arm is at 46 ft.

Lake Definition:

Latitude:  45° 04’
Longitude:  78° 47’
Surface Area 1580 acres
Perimeter 23.8 miles / 38.3 km
Maximum Depth:  125 ft / 38.1 m
Mean Depth 30 ft / 9.1 m


Because of the depth of the northern arm, laketrout tend to be found in that area of the Kushog.  Anglers looking for smallmouth bass tend to be more successful in the shallower waters found in the southern arm of the lake.


Kushog Lake Property Owners Association

Annual Events:

    • AGM June
    • Annual Fun Golf Scramble
    • Kushog Lake Picnic


Kushog Lake Marina


Offering a full range of services for boaters- launching, maintenance, repairs, storage, boat rentals, docking, premium gasoline, store, prop repairs, fiberglass and gel-coat repairs, boat top and upholstery repairs.


Fire House Resort

Conveniently located on Hwy 35 at Ox Narrows, where the southern and northern arms of Kushog meet, is a popular restaurant that you can drive OR boat to from the cottage!

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