Gull Lake

Gull Lake one of the largest lakes in the Haliburton area at nearly 200 acres, located on the western side of Hwy 35 between the town of Minden and Moore Falls. You can boat the lake plus up the Gull river at the top of the lake into the town of Minden Ontario where stop for an ice cream cone or a bite to eat in town.  As of 2019, there are 548 properties on the lake.

Public access boat launches into Gull lake are located at:
1020 Forsters Road
Miner’s Bay Road

Lake Definition

Elevation:  243 m (810 ft)
Surface Area: 801 ha (1980 acres)
Mean Depth:  14.7 m (54 ft)
Max Depth:  49.1 m (158 ft)
Shoreline Length:  30.4 km


Lake Trout is a very sought after fish on Gull Lake and you will notice many ice huts out in the winter.  Angling for smallmouth and largemouth bass is also very popular.  They are on average 2lb, but can be found much larger.




On the lake you will find:

Kilcoo Camp

Founded in 1932, Kilcoo is a popular boys camp that believes ‘the greatest gift you can give your child is the experience of camp’

Miners’ Bay Lodge

A family owned and operated summer resort since 1938.

Gull Lake Cottager’s Association hosts many annual events such as:

  • The AGM
  • Sailing Races
  • Regatta
  • Summer Social
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