Fortescue Lake

This is a very popular lake for fishing lake trout. Angling both during the winter ice fishing period and the open water season. Local fishermen also report great success catching muskellunge and smallmouth bass. A short boat ride into White Lake and you can fish for largemouth bass as well.

Fortescue Lake is in both Haliburton and Peterborough counties. There are many ways to access the lake. It is about 5 miles southwest of Gooderham via the Contau Lake Road off Hwy 507. It is about 6 miles southeast of Irondale via Salerno Lake Road off Hwy 503.

Fortescue-SatmapFortescue Lake Cottage Association

The lake and the surrounding settlement area were named after an English statesman, the Baron Fortescue. A farming community sprang up around the lake in the late 1890s.

Haliburton Highlands Trials & Tours Network has many trails in the area, including the nearby Gooderham Salerno Lake Loop bike trail.


Lake Definition:

  • Elevation: 1000 ft
  • Surface Area: 194 acres
  • Volume: 7548 acre feet
  • Perimeter: 5.8 miles
  • Max Depth: 94 ft
  • Mean Depth 38.8 ft
  • Latitude: 44° 50’
  • Longitude: 78° 26’
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Snowmobile in the winter?

From Fortescue Lake you can easily jump on to trail 509, and from there into the whole network of trails.


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