Drag Lake

Drag Lake Map Haliburton ONDrag Lake is a very popular lake in the Haliburton area and is a busy cottage destination lake. It is located minutes east of Haliburton and can be accessed from its southern or northwestern shore.

The property owners are represented by the Drag & Spruce Lakes Property Owners Association
The DSLPOA looks after much of the lake related business and also hosts many events such as the Sailing day (off Harris’ Beach), a memorial swim from Leinauer’s Beach to Curry’s Beach, a Novelty Swim Day at Podmore’s Beach, a Fun Day with Hot Dog BBQ, a Corn Roast, a golf day and more.

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Public Boat Launch

The municipality lists two public access locations:
1201 Dardanelles Road
2111 Fred Jones Road
Some use Tattersal Road (into Spruce Lake), but users should recognize that this is not a municipally listed public access.

Public Beach

Sandy Cove (1201 Dardanelles Road)
Sandy Point Beach
Podmore Beach

Snowmobile Access:

Trail 10 at the north end of the lake leads into the main OFSC B trail.  Additionally, trail 610 can be accessed at the far east end of Drag Lake.

Lake Definition:

Elevation: 348 m (1161 ft)
Surface Area: 1003 ha (2508 ft)
Shoreline Length: 42 km
Mean Depth: 17.7 m (59 ft)
Max Depth: 55 m (180 ft)
Longitude: 78° 24’ 00” W
Latitude: 45° 05’ 00” N

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