Boshkung & Twelve Mile Lake

General Information about Boshkung & Twelve Mile Lake

The Boshkung / Twelve Mile chain of lakes is well known for its pristine waters, sandy beaches and beautiful views.  A scenic 2 hour drive from Toronto will land you at its shores.

Nothing beats a day out on the water when it’s scorching hot outside, and when it comes to fun on the water, this chain of lakes is a great choice!  Whatever your speed, the lakes offer something for every water lover and boating enthusiast, from adventure seekers to simple relaxation.  At around 12 km long and over 2000 acres of surface area to enjoy, there is plenty of room to spend hours at your favourite water sports and activities from waterskiing, wakeboarding, wakesurfing or tubing to touring, fishing paddling a kayak or canoe.

For those who favour a more leisurely pace, grab the family and some friends and tour the lake on a pontoon boat.  The scenery is wonderful, and you’ll find plenty of things to see on the 30km of shoreline.  You can even boat to Heather Lodge for a delicious dinner.  A trip to this lake chain isn’t complete with visiting Boshkung Brewery as part of your cottage experience.  From the Boshkung chain of lakes, its an easy walk or drive to the Stanhope Farmer’s Market, located on North Shore Road.  

Great Fishing on  the Boshkung, Twelve Mile Lake chain

If you are a fisherman, you will enjoy catching many species of fish, including Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Yellow Perch, Lake Whitefish and Lake Trout.  Smallmouth can be found in the 3.5lb range, although they are caught larger on occasion.  Boshkung has an average depth of 76 ft,(Boshkung) and 40 ft (Twelve Mile) but does reach over 230 ft in some areas.  And with over 12km of boating available between the chain of 3 lakes, there is tons of space for you to cruise around and find your favourite ‘fishin’ hole’


Lake Information

  • Elevation
  • Surface Area
  • Mean Depth
  • Max Depth
  • Perimeter
  • Boshkung Lake

  • 1,010 ft (303 m)
  • 1768 acres
  • 76ft (22.8 m)
  • 229 ft (70 m)
  • 11 miles (18 km)
  • Twelve Mile Lake & Little Boshkung

  • 1,010 ft (303 m)
  • 832 acres
  • 39.4 ft (11.8 m)
  • 90 ft (27 m)
  • 8 miles (12 km)

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12 Mile & Boshkung – Shallows and Rock Map

Like the Winter?

When winter comes, Ontario rolls out its white carpet of snowmobile trails, welcoming you to the best snowmobiling in the world.  The OFSC offers more trails to ride than there are provincial highways to drive!!!  This makes for the world’s largest interconnected recreational trail system.  Our own Haliburton County Snowmobile Association (HCSA) invites sledders to enjoy 350km of excellent wide groomed trails with spectacular scenery.    These trails are very easily accessible to properties along the Boshkung and Twelve Mile Lake chain making it a perfect winter retreat area.  For the snowmobiling enthusiast,  the HCSA Trail 8 runs down the road along the lake from Carnarvon to the Church Beach then crosses Hwy 35 at Blairhampton.  You can readily access the B trail to the North, which is a primary top trail in the area.


Haliburton Highland’s rugged terrain and scenic natural wilderness makes the region ideal for other outdoor adventures as well.  Conveniently located to Boshkung and Twelve Mile Lake is access to over 1700 km of signed, mapped ATV trails through the Haliburton ATV Association (HATVA).

Did you know that the Haliburton Highlands is known for Ontario’s biggest and best Nordic ski trail system? 

The shapes and colours of the dynamic scenery constantly change from sunrise to sunset over the 100km of groomed classic and skating trails.  The Township of Algonquin Highlands itself manages over 38 km of back-country hiking trails and walking trails in the area with many more kms available within the rest of Haliburton County.  Algonquin Highlands has been very successfully working to preserve and promote outdoor and natural recreational opportunities.  The trails journey through mystical forests, meander along scenic rivers, ascend to amazing lookouts and arrive at one-of-a-kind heritage sites.  You’ll find hiking trails that suit all levels of skill and ability.

With the beautiful scenery, pristine lakes and countless outdoor recreational opportunities, it is easy to see why property on this 3 lake chain is very sought after in the Minden Real Estate market.

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