Bob Lake

Bob Lake is a popular cottage destination and is found just a few short minutes west of the town of Minden off of County Road 2 (Deep Bay Road).  The Bob Lake Cottager’s Association was recently formed and has valuable lake information available.  As per a report published in 2019, 136 properties can be found on the lake.


Elevation:  292 m (973 ft)
Surface Area:  220 ha (550 ac)
Mean Depth:  17.8 m (59.5 ft)
Max Depth:  63 m (210 ft)
Shoreline Length:  (15.77 km)
Latitude:  44° 55’ 00” N
Longitude:  78° 47’ 00” W


The deep, cool nature of the lake creates ideal habitat for lake trout.  The rocky shoreline also provides a good habitat for smallmouth bass.  Some rumours exist that largemouth bass are now present in the lake as well…. but I have no data confirming that.


The Haliburton County Snowmobile Association (HCSA) has over 350 km of groomed trails along some fantastic scenic routes.  The OFSC B112 trail is just north of Bob Lake (connecting to Claude Brown Road and Fleming Rd) and will lead you directly into the town of Minden.

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