Big Hawk Lake

Big Hawk Lake is a large lake, about 25km north of Minden, well known for its rocky shoreline and deep, clear waters.  It has a very stereotypical ‘Algonquin’ feel.  Big Hawk has lots of arms and bays, great for those looking for lots of perimeter boating and also for angler’s searching for elusive fishing spots.  The lake is almost 5km long and close to 4km wide.

There is a boat launch along Big Hawk Lake Road on the southwest side of the lake.  You can portage into many lakes from Big Hawk, such as Big Brother, Sherborne, Nunikani, Clear and Snowshoe.


Elevation: 454 m (1180 ft)
Mean Depth:  16.4 m (54.8 t)
Max Depth: 54 m (180 ft)
Surface Area:  388 ha (960 acres)
Shoreline Length: 35.6 km
Longitude:  78° 44’ 00” W
Latitude:  45° 10’ 00” N


Thee is a public boat launch located at 1540 Big Hawk Lake Road.


Anglers should have good luck with smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and lake trout.


The Haliburton County Snowmobile Association (HCSA) has over 350 kms of groomed trails throughout the region along some of the most spectacular scenery. Snowmobile enthusiasts will enjoy the fact that the main B trail goes along the shoreline of Big Hawk and there are staked trails across the lake as part of the trail system.


Other than the privately owned lots around the lake, most of the land surrounding Big Hawk and Little Hawk is Crown Land which allows access to thousands of acres of Crown property.  In 2019 there were a reported 184 properties on the lake.

Road access is restricted to some properties on the south western shores of the lake.  The balance of the cottages on Big Hawk are water access properties (no road).  Valuable information about the lake and some of the area residents can be found on Halls & Hawk Lake Property Owners’ Association site.

There is a marina on the lake, Big Hawk Lake Marina, where you can organize boat docking, boat rentals, winterizing and storage, service and repairs, snowmobile rentals and more.

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