Haliburton & Minden Hospitals

Minden and Haliburton Hospital Emergency Departments each provide 24 hours/day, 7 days per week of emergency care.  The E.R. Departments are staffed with physician’s on-call, nurses and medical radiation technologists.

The facilities at Minden and Haliburton were constructed in the year 2000 and continue to receive upgrades and new equipment by donations through the Hospital Auxiliaries and the HHHS Foundation. Geothermal and solar units were recently installed at both sites to reduce utility costs and decrease our ecological footprint.

Both sites offer a diverse interdisciplinary team of nurses, physicians, physiotherapists, laboratory technologist and medical radiation technologists. We work closely with our community partners to provide care and promotion of health before, during and after hospitalization.


Haliburton Hospital

7199 Gelert Rd., Haliburton, Ontario K0M 1S0
Tel: 705-457-1392 ex. 221

Minden Hospital

Deep Bay Rd., Minden, Ontario
Tel: 705-286-2288

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