Do I need a septic inspection?

Should I get a septic inspection before buying a cottage?

A properly operating septic system is a vital part of many homes located in rural areas. However, the septic system is often the last thing on the mind of a homeowner until there is a problem with it.

Smart cottage shoppers quickly learn a lot about septic systems. What’s typically the first thing learned?? … That installing a new one can be a major expense, often in the $10,000 to $15,000 range, and even more in difficult terrain. Next, it is important to understand that the size of your septic (which is dependent on the size of your lot), determines the size of the cottage you’re able to build.

Newer septic system tanks are made of plastic, fiberglass, or concrete. And while in the past, cottagers might have installed DIY septics, new regulations and standards mean that septic installations should be handled by the pros.

Unfortunately, there is no absolute way to predict how long a septic system will last or if it will be able to handle an increased load. A septic inspection, however, can yield useful information on the condition of the system as it exists when the system is inspected. While predicting the future with regard to the septic system is not part of any septic inspection, the inspection often uncovers defects in the system which can save the purchaser unexpected expense.